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Pitying the Celebrities

            America has grown to be a country that is completely infatuated with celebrity life. With that much impact on society you would think that celebrities would be better role models for young children that are watching and imitating their every move. In my opinion, celebrities should know that by choosing to be famous also comes with being watched through a magnifying glass, with many people admiring and looking up to them. They should take on a little more responsibility to their audience and society, to act as more of a mature adult. Celebrities seem to be willing to do anything for a little attention in the limelight. Upon looking at the situation I began to research and look for answers on why celebrities do not understand the obligations of being a good role model.

            Self-destruction seems to be a popular phase going through Hollywood right now. Celebrities are getting into trouble with the law everywhere they turn. Unlike many of us, celebrities have a psychological block, distancing themselves from the rest of the world. Because they are constantly surrounded by vast amounts of money and people obeying them at their every command, they are very much out of touch with reality. In their artificial world, celebrities are so caught up with themselves that they do not realize that their actions have real consequences. Tina Brown, a journalist from Gawker Entertainment, blames their crazy and bizarre actions on the isolation that Californians appear to have. “Nowhere else is better than California today at producing full-service isolation: infinite permission in an infinitely large space with no repercussions” (Brown). California is a state famous for its vast amounts of gold and beautiful surroundings, projecting a perfect place for wealthy celebrities to call their home.

            Going from a child star to becoming an A-list celebrity does not happen over night. The constant pressure and lack of discipline promoted by their parents are partially the cause of their misbehaving attitudes. As a kid, our parents taught us right from wrong, took care of us, and told us to concentrate on school and our future, but for the young celebrities, their parent’s ultimate goal for them appears to be fame and fortune.  Child stars such as Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Hillary Duff have been working since they were just a child. The child labor law doesn’t seem to affect the entertainment industry, though it strips them of their childhood and pushes them away from reality. Money hungry parents do not put their foot down in order to teach these kids on truly how harsh reality can be. Instead of being a parent, they try to be the child’s friend, in order to benefit from the perks of fame and fortune the child could bring them.  Drew Barrymore is an example of a child star that has been pushed into the spotlight by her ambitious mother at the age of 2, starring in one of the most famous movies of all time, ET. Due to her careless mother and her desire for fame, Barrymore became a subject to drugs and alcohol abuse by the age of 9, and was sent to rehab by the age of 13 (Patricia Burke).  As for the child actor in the movies Home Alone 1,2, and 3, Macaulay Caulkin was overworked and mistreated by his dad. He starred in many movies and won many awards, but all this was stripped from him by his self -interested father, who neglected and punished him. With celebrity parents constantly manipulating and molding their child into a star, by the time the child reaches the age of 18 and get their own life back, they have no idea how to take charge of it. By the time Britney Spears hit the age of 18 she slowly took control of her life. Within just a couple of years she went from being a greatly loved pop princess to a divorced mother of two who is ridiculed and constantly laughed at. Believing that she knows how to take charge of her life, she fired her manager and left her mother. Her life spiraled out of control after what seems to be the worse hook up of all time in Hollywood history between her and Kevin Federline. From the most painful experiences of her life, till now, she is constantly reminded of how horrible her life is due to the media’s constant attention on her.

            Celebrities, not only Britney Spears, are constantly being stalked and followed by ten to thirty, maybe even more, people attempting to capture them at their worse moments. These people are called the paparazzi. Paparazzi’s constantly invade celebrities’ personal privacy whether they are at home, or in the streets. The paparazzi will somehow find a way to capture celebrities at their worse. With the paparazzi focusing and magnifying celebrity flaws, it is hard for society to see any of celebrity’s accomplishments. The media has a tendency to stab at a celebrity’s wound while it is still bleeding just to get a story and good ratings by their audience.

            Because celebrities seem to have it all, we seem to forget that they are still just ordinary people like you and me, who do make mistakes every once in a while. Their obligations to the society seem to be acting as a good role model, but to them, this is their life. They are just trying to live their life the best they can, being their own independent person. Every person has a unique background that no one other understands, and society would never understand the life celebrities truly live.



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