Global Warming       

               El Nino is a reoccurring phenomenon resulting from changes in the temperature, which take place on the Eastern Pacific Ocean every three to eight years. As time progresses, the fluctuations in temperature seem to be getting stronger resulting in devastating disasters along the coastlines. In 1998 the phenomenon came, yet once again on schedule, but this time it left devastation throughout the states and countries around the Pacific Ocean causing an unforgettable catastrophe. This misfortune left California with massive mudslides, Mexico with major hurricanes, floods in many South American countries, drought and fires in Indonesia (Barbour). Stacking up on the damage, people are starting to look for someone to blame. With industrialization adding onto the discharge of carbon dioxide, the media is putting the spot light on Global Warming. With the media, bringing the attention on Global Warming, it has left people wondering: Has the economy’s need for industrialization such as fossil fuels and factories caused a negative reaction with the earth or is it just a natural cycle of Mother Nature?

            Continuously going from hot to cold with such fluctuations as the Ice Age or a warming period in time illustrates how the earth is constantly changing, such as what is known today as Global Warming. Although many people pointed out that Global Warming today is caused by the high concentration of greenhouse gasses emitted into the air by the world’s growing economy, astrophysicist Sallie Baliunas believes these accusations are false. Many people do not take into consideration other variables that could be affecting the temperature of the earth such as its magnetism, or the concentration of the sun’s rays. Over the last million years, the earth’s temperature has fluctuated numerous amounts of time. The last temperature change was roughly about 10,000 years ago with the first Ice Age, and it is about time for another change (Baliunas). Some say the earth is in fact going through a warming period, but has nothing to do with greenhouse gasses or carbon dioxide released into the air.  Polar ice caps would take approximately hundreds to thousands of years to defrost or break off due to their massive size; therefore, it would be impossible to blame industrialization for the earth’s changes in temperature (Singer).

            Many scientists agree on the fact that the warming of the earth is partially due to the earth’s variation in temperature, but they also believe that the carbon dioxide and greenhouse gasses do have a part in the rising of the temperature as well. Historians could document back to a time during the medieval period where temperatures also increased and the results of that warming was filled with lush and growth. With agriculture in control and plant reproduction at its max, people of the medieval times had plenty of time to work on art and invention, leading them into one of the most productive civilizations (Avery). Although the temperature is rising regardless of the cause, they believe this change can be nothing but beneficial to the earth and its living organisms. The rise in temperature would elongate the growing season, resulting in immense plant reproduction and healthier populations. There would be fewer droughts and more growth. The increasing levels of carbon dioxide would be a “plant heaven” (Avery). The emission of the greenhouse gasses into the earth’s atmosphere would be at such a low percentage in affecting the earth’s natural fluctuation where it would be almost nonexistent.   

On the other hand, numerous scientists strongly believe that Global Warming and the rise in temperature are strictly due to the fact that wealthy industrializing nations are emitting vast amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This carbon dioxide along with the greenhouse gasses such as methane and nitrous oxide are produced and ejected into the air by human activities such as burning fossil fuels and coal.  These activities are causing the earth to heat up extremely fast causing many negative alterations to occur. Scientists expect the increase in temperature would cause problems such as extreme weather, drought, shortage on food and supplies, and melting of massive glaciers (Global Warming is a Serious Threat).   The melting of the polar ice caps are causing sea levels to rise which increases the chance of floods, hurricanes, and many deaths. Because many people live along the coast, which is also known as the root of civilization, the rising of the sea levels could become a considerably enormous crisis. As if inhaling the pollution into the body is not bad enough, pollution caused by factories and cars could also cause harm to human health. With the pollution affecting the temperature and the sea level, the floods could bring in famine and disease with a side of destruction. This would cause malnutrition and the spread of illness (Patz). Over hundreds of thousands of scientists, all around the world agree on the fact that global warming is caused by greenhouse gasses, due to industrializing nations, and will cause many destructive natural disasters and the spread of human diseases.

            I usually take no interest in politics and what goes on in the world, but Global

Warming has taken and captivated me with its controversial issues. Although I do agree that the human need for industrialization is important, but in my opinion, the results are more overbearing than the reasons behind it. I believe that it is not worth destroying the earth forever in order to make a living for one life-time. Industries are emitting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere creating an affect known as the “Greenhouse Effect”, trapping the heat inside the earth therefore raising the temperature of the earth. Maybe the warming of the earth would cause the plants to grow, but how long would that be able to last with the ongoing natural disasters taking place such as floods, hurricanes, and droughts. This issue might not seem serious for now, but if the temperature continues to increase at the rate that it’s going, there would be no more planet earth. 


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